So here it goes, I am 42-years old i have three resilient kids. I have twins that are 2.5 yrs old and a seven-year old daughter. My kids are miracles and are my biggest achievement. My twins were born premature and are kicking but. My seven-year old is a mini me.

I love being in my forties I feel now that “I am ME” and not filling someone else’s idea of me…. My life is completely opposite of what I thought it would have been. I though NYC apartment, fancy wardrobe, traveling the world, and doing a whole bunch of nothing…Instead I live in the suburbs “no sidewalks” basically lIVING on a farm ha-ha. I am not running around taking out clients and wearing my size 2 suits with my Jimmy Choo on. Instead my hair is up in a bun, kids are finally asleep, looking for coupons and making sure that I have everything in the house before the big ass snow storm, Oh and starting this thing called blogging. I have to admit there are times that I think of what would life would’ve been, but then I realize that I am where I NEED live I am learning so much in my life and so much more to learn from this world.

I also know that after brain surgery, three premature children a blood disorder that has been the cause of a mini stroke, heart attack and two seizures that everyday has to matter.

So I promised myself to treat myself better and release and be free. I CONQUER whatever comes my way and LIVE while I take on the biggest thing in life, LIFE.

Let’s also mention that I am a stay at home MoM that is giving the blogging thing a try! I spend a lot of time juggling home,kids,and.


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